Bombycilla garrulus :: intricate details, ornate, detailed illustration, octane render :: Johanna Rupprecht style, William Morris style :: trending on artstation --ar 9:16. The simplest way to write an AI art prompt is to split all the elements up using commas, or write a full sentence with your preferred visual or art style after a comma. . Kawacy. Cat drinking coffee.

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The AI, when is lacking a specified style, usually chooses one that has seen the most in related images (as in the dog above, for example). For example, given the core prompt of “landscape,” the model would likely generate landscapes that were realistic or in the style of an oil painting.

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Style. May 13, 2023 · Key Points (tl;dr) The best AI image generators, including DALL-E 2, are capable of reproducing almost any kind of art style known to man, including famous artists. . . 22. . cyberpunk character by [artist] --v 4.

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film still, man on a rooftop, style by 2020s sci fi movie, subdued colors, film grain, eastmancolor, photorealistic — no dramatic lighting — ar 3:2 — seed 3000.

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